Best News for the Midterm Elections

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“Women in Congress Near Breakthrough Moment in Midterm Elections”

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Which states make for the best draft picks, now through November?

How will ECONOMICS affect the elections?

It’s been 10 years since the Great Recession, “America First” is everywhere, and the U.S. debt continues to grow…

Will climate change play a role?

Hurricanes hit numerous states, flooding affected more, and citizens are figuring out ways to pay for billion-dollar disaster events…

Is it a historic year for WOMEN candidates?

Women secured top positions around the country, the #metoo movement exploded, and many made major gains for gender parity on the campaign trail…

1992 was supposed to be the “year of the woman”. But history doesn’t repeat itself, it rhymes.

Women still make up less than a fifth of Congress and fill just six governor’s chairs, but those numbers are almost certain to go up.

After primary season, there are 12 new female nominees for governor, in addition to four incumbents seeking re-election.

Plus, the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) appointed a woman as president for the first time in its 226 year history, the CIA is now run by its first female director, and Fox News got its first female CEO this year.


Teachers walked out to protest state policies, students got active on issues like gun laws, and everyone seems to be taking notes…

It’s another season of viral videos: The internet has given upstart candidates a new avenue to viability…

i.e. “Doors” out of Texas + “Told Me” from Kentucky: Do they have anything in common with another theme above?

It’s no coincidence that others are wading into politics too…

Even old-school Major League Baseball decided to make a political statement this postseason!

“Let the kids play” applies to the many young candidates running for office this season!

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Should U.S. territories be allowed to vote?
Should you be able to draft them in!

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