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A few fun updates as we prepare for the 2016–17 school year…

But before we get to the fun stuff, a quick reminder:
When you study current events as much as we do, it’s sometimes hard not to feel disheartened and discouraged about the state of our United States and the world.

Maybe if we can help turn the next generation of students into fans of school, we can all become bigger fans of each other.

We’re going to have some Fun as we get ready for our August 1 new-school-year FANSCHOOL launch, but we’ll always try to remain Authentic, Networked, and Strategic about learning as we play too.

Let’s not become desensitized, cynical, or trapped inside the often-negative news-cycle, but harness it for learning as much as we can, as fast as we can, and compete for competence better, as a country and as a global community.

On this #MandelaDay, let’s also remember one of Nelson Mandela’s most fitting mindsets:

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.

High-five team. We’re big fans of you! Let’s get better, together.

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What makes you a #fanofschool?BOBBLEHEAD CONTEST starting TODAY

MEME MONDAYS: Starting today, and running through the next 5 Mondays until August 15, we’ll be giving away presidential bobbleheads to the best meme caption you come up with to show WHAT MAKES YOU A #FANOFSCHOOL? Here’s how it will work:

1. Mark your calendars for MEME MONDAYS today-August 15.

2. Watch out for our posted image or gif on Twitter (or Instagram and Facebook).

3. RETWEET our meme with your caption + #fanofschool for a chance to win a presidential bobblehead of your choice!

Feel free to share your own fun #fanofschool memes with us too. Bobblehead winners will come from our posted meme or gif and we’ll announce winners every Monday before posting the next one!

The best overall #fanofschool meme will also win a FITBIT flex in the spirit of the recent Pokemon Go excitement, which at least gets us off our rear-ends for a bit!

We hope this will get you in the new-school-year mindset and cultivate some more great ideas!

free ELECTION CHALLENGE available 8/1
​when launches for the new school year!

Win fantastic classroom prizes this fall from New York Times’ Upfront magazine, Brown University’s Choices Program, and Amazon Education

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See this fun video on twitter, facebook, and instagram.
And check out this link to learn a bit more!

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