“Grow North, Everyone”

Somewhere throughout the 1800s of U.S. History, there seemed to be a “go west, young man” mindset. Many thought newspaperman Horace Greeley said it, but it’s one of those worldviews that somewhere-close-to-most “winning” Americans must have believed, like “Give me liberty or give me death!” and “If not us, who? If not now, when?

(We prefer Rosie’s over Betsy’s if we’re going to be historically romantic, though.)

The truth about these often-quoted lines is that they represent a coherent thesis throughout American history — the “Frontier Thesis,” first advanced by Wisconsinite, Frederick Jackson Turner. #West #World #Space #Internet

But the frontier quest throughout American history also ignored, subjugated, and killed a lot of other people.

Something cool seems to be happening here in Minnesota, though, that takes both of these historic truths into account — It’s like this state is starting to realize and articulate its recent history on the frontier of both doing well AND doing good.

I mean, just watch this:

And listen to this!

Jacquie Berglund seems like the Benjamin Franklin of Twin Cities business. And if you like Sam Adams beer, you should pick up a Finnegans, because she’s definitely the Paul Newman of Minnesota.

In addition, see organizations like Generation Next and Hack the Gap.

As a history teacher, these are some of the most authentically American success stories I’ve ever seen and heard.

Maybe it’s because “profit” isn’t a dirty word here, most likely because it’s used in the same sentence as “people,” “purpose,” and “problem-solving”.

Maybe it’s because we think, learn, and communicate ( T.L.C. ) like this:

Maybe it’s because Minnesota Nice really means that as long as you’re a problem-solver, you’re welcome here — Because we’ll figure it out, together.


That’s probably why the famous “How I Built This” podcast just interviewed the husband + wife team that started the delicious Boomchickapop:

And why a Minnesota family wrote this recent book:

Or why Minnesota was named the fastest-growing tech community:

There seem to be as many stories like this here as there are lakes:

I mean, they even curate all the resources to help you become it too:

Maybe these “Anthems” say it best:

Most people think that we a flyover state.
But when you think about it more that’s probably why it’s so great.

It does, in fact, seem like Minnesota is the best place on earth to start ventures, solve problems, and scale impact.

Because our worldview seems to be “GROW North, EVERYONE”.

Like Frederick Jackson Turner, I’m also from Wisconsin, which makes all of the above about Minnesota much more legit.

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