Holiday activities you won’t hate!

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Do your students (or you) start to look like this around the holidays?

If so, try something different these usually-bonkers weeks between break.

Utilize this video, but maybe don’t show it all to students right away.

Pull up the Trends map and discuss what countries might make for good “caricatures”. Have students research a country they own and create a creative character for it.

Sample ideas to make into a simple rubric for students to assess themselves:

  • List adjectives that describe your country.
  • If this country were a person, what would it wear?
  • If this country were a TV or movie character, which would it be + why?
  • Write a script for 2–4 countries getting together at recess or for a digital hangout.

All-Star Teacher Tip: This works best with certain countries that students already have background knowledge about, like knowing that Ukraine’s President was an actor or that Pakistan’s leader was a cricket player. You can always adjust it to get students researching how diverse different parts of the world are, like how Kenyan girls look to the future or what people eat for breakfast for a better example than the video above.

Get inspired by this Saturday Night Live skit. Or this “regional guide”:

Have students research a state and create a fun, knowledgable “how-to” guide about it, especially with your FANpolitics draft picks.

Sample ideas for students to make something:

  • Create a digital postcard, map, or infographic for something specific and/or “weird” from your state.
  • Create a short travel guide for someone from a different part of the country who wants to have some fun while visiting your state.
  • Complete your class travel series with shorter write-ups of entire regions in the United States.

All-Star Teacher Tip: Don’t forget to remind students that these understandings are still fun assumptions and not always true, “don’t cha know!” But we can use these learnings to start to improve our overall cultural intelligence.

It’s well-known that the current President of the United States doesn’t like to read briefings: What decent teenager does?! C’mon, Mom!!!

Take our White House Brief assignment to the next level by adding in some multimedia to make it more engaging for the President.

Maybe even make a TikTok to explain a few things in more detail:

Kids these days…

Maybe if we can do school activities better this holiday season, it can really become the most wonderful time of the year!

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