Meet Andrew, one of our students!

We sat down with Andrew, one of our students and players, after filming this video:

We thought you’d all appreciate getting to know him a little better!

Q: What’s your favorite thing about school?

Andrew: I enjoy learning new things. Learning new things excites me and helps me learn more about myself— With every new subject I learn more about what I enjoy and grow new ambitions, I learn more about my talents and limits, and I learn more about how I work and think. Within all of it, school also helps me grow: mentally, physically, and socially (I personally love gym class, unlike most).

Q: What are you most excited about the next 1–2 years?

Andrew: This year I have the great opportunity to go to Bethel University in Saint Paul. I’m so excited to get to learn new things, meet new people from different situations, and generally gain new experiences.

Q: What problem(s) do you want to solve?

Andrew: I’m officially a Biochemistry major. With this, I plan to go to graduate school to get my PhD. From there my current plan is to go into medical research and epidemiology (the study of epidemics and diseases). So, to put it simply, I want to help as many people as I can by curing horrible diseases. I specifically want to work on cancer and diabetes (diabetes due to a dear aunt of mine) and cancer because the curing of cancer would help so many people.

Q: What’s your favorite thing about life outside of school?

Andrew: I’m a self-described nerd-jock. Though it may be a rather counterintuitive duality, I’m proud of both sides of myself. At North Lakes Academy Charter School, I’m a volleyball player and runner for the track team. I love sports because it both gives me a way grow physically and a way to meet and become closer to others. While I’m also a nerd of sorts, I’ve played video games for my whole life (since I was around 4). All in all, I’m just a rather optimistic person, and so it’s hard for me to find one specific favorite thing.

Q: If you could tell your family one thing other than “I love you,” what would it be?

Andrew: Thank you for always supporting me. You’ve always supported me no matter what and you are all amazing. Thank you for helping me to believe in myself by always believing in me, and thank you for helping me realize that I should always strive to make myself proud, because you’ll always be proud of me.

We got Andrew out of his comfort zone for this one!

We had a lot of fun reminding him that’s where learning happens :)

BIG THANKS to North Lakes Academy, one of the first charter schools in the nation, on the cusp of rural Minnesota. They have some of the best learning programs in the country!

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