Meet Claire: We’re huge fans of her!

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Claire in her element. Give her video a RT here to win a fun T-shirt!

If we had to describe Claire in one word, it would “scrappy” — Because she’s an awesome combination of smart, resourceful, and fun.

She’s achieved a lot of really great things, like academic awards and soccer scholarships to name a few, mostly because she works hard and loves learning!

We sat down with Claire, one of our students and players, after filming this video:

We thought you’d all appreciate getting to know her a little better:
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Claire: I love the feeling of working hard and seeing the results. After I study for a big test and get the grade I was striving for, it’s rewarding. School has definitely taught me discipline and the power of hard work and that’s what I love the most.

Claire: I can’t wait to continue my athletic and academic career in college! I am looking forward to starting this new chapter of my life, and I am so blessed that I have the opportunity to continue doing what I love most, playing soccer.

Claire: Coming from a different country, and going on several mission trips throughout my life, I have always felt so grateful to live in such a resourceful place like the U.S. I only wish that this was the way it was for everyone. If I could solve one thing it would be to make sure no one lived in poverty, everyone had food to eat, and a safe place to live.

Claire: My favorite thing to do outside of school is play soccer. I have played the game since I was little, and have found so much joy in it. Whenever I’m stressed or just having a bad day I go play soccer and it cheers me up. I love that for 90 minutes of the game I can forgot about any of my worries and just think soccer. It is a beautiful and powerful game that is a big part of my life.

Claire: I would say thank you for supporting me in everything I do. I know it hasn’t always been easy. From the countless hours spent driving me to soccer or sitting in the freezing rain watching me play, to encouraging me to never give up, whether it be in school or whatever I have pursued over the years . I wouldn’t be where I am today without my family by my side.

Bonus fun fact: Claire was born in Kazan, Russia. Here’s a great panoramic view of the Kazan Kremlin (a World Heritage Site), Vernicle temple, and the Kazanka river bank:

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High-five, Claire! We would vote for you for President…

Maybe we will ;)

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