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We love seeing classrooms collaborate (and have fun competing) with each other.

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Organizing your own class vs. class league is a great way to take your FANschool class competitions to the next level, learn a bit more about students in another place, and keep the current events awareness going!

Here’s how a group of 13 All-Star teachers from 5 different states (IL, MD, MN, PA, TX) and Canada is doing this right now:

(this post will be added to as they go…)

Step 1: Get your League together!

The commissioner for this league of teachers is Doug Fisher (@wpmsad) who used a fantastic twitter chat (#worldgeochat, Tuesday nights at 8pm) to spread the word about participation in this class vs. class league.

Establish League Expectations:
+ Students must draft, but Teacher facilitates draft picks.
+ Teachers log in for students at least once per week to show scores, make any trades, discuss trends.
+ Monthly opportunities to increase points via various student contests (i.e. team coat of arms, student video, current events meme…).
+ League runs for 4 months, January — April, with each class selecting 5 countries. Playoffs will occur the last few weeks to decide the winner.

Interested teachers were then invited to act as players on behalf of their class in the “#worldgeochat” league Doug created from his teacher account.

Step 2: Organize a Draft!

A private group Twitter message become the go-to communication place for logistics, updates, resource-sharing, and some friendly trash-talking.

See #fanofschool for more public sharing!

A simple google spreadsheet table became the go-to spot for the group draft before Doug loaded everyone’s draft picks into the FANschool system for scoring.

Depending on what worked for their classes, teacher-facilitators made draft lists with students ahead of time to “auto-draft” for them later:

There were a lots of flag-flying gifs and fun comments shared in the group message thread as the draft happened in classrooms!

Step 3: Add Point-Challenges!

Most of the teachers in this league are experienced FANschool commissioners so they’re aware that getting off to a good start post-draft is essential:

But sometimes your countries don’t score as much as you thought and you’ll need to make adjustments to compete better…

Here are the point challenges this class vs. class league is using to dive deeper into learning with students and enable commissioner Fisher to add more points manually:

COAT OF ARMS Challenge for January:

  • Represent your 5 countries creatively using a Coat of Arms.
  • Divide your crest into segments and research colors and symbols to showcase your entire team.

For simple Coat of Arms templates, see our shared activities and handouts google-drive folder.

TRAVEL AD Challenge for February:

  • Make a “travel advertisement” for one of your bottom-scoring countries that can be shared publicly.
  • Utilize video or make something digital (i.e. brochure or website) to convince someone to visit that country.
  • Feel free to include a week-long trip itinerary with real expedition ideas and general costs of the trip using airline tickets and ground transportation when there.

For a few more examples of these travel ad videos, check out ones for Ireland, Thailand, Switzerland, and Portugal too.

T-SHIRT DESIGN Challenge for March:

  • Come up with a design for one of your team’s countries that can be printed on a T-shirt and given out as an award to players. It could be a pun, a cartoon, a meme, anything!
  • You can also come up with a design for any available country (U.S. states and Canadian provinces are also fair game). You CANNOT utilize a country that’s on another team: You’ll lose 50 points if you make this mistake!
  • Feel free click on the Create tab of to utilize the Spreadshirt platform for ideas or for printing your own designs. FANschool’s shop designs are also fair game as long as you improve them (and they’re not on someone else’s team).
  • The top design, as voted on by the #fanofschool community, will receive 300 points and a free shirt to be given to a student MVP!
  • Share your designs by the end of March on Twitter using #fanofschool. (i.e. take a photo of a hand-drawn design to share, use a program like Canva to design and share, take a screenshot of your Spreadshirt design and upload to share.) You can submit up to 3 T-shirt designs: Once they’re all in, we’ll organize into a bracket and vote on them via Twitter during the first week in April.

PLAYOFFS at end of April to Determine Champion:

Playoffs for the Top 8 teams will begin the last week of April after everyone’s back from break. Here’s how the regular season ended up as of April 25: Congrats to Mrs. Giustiniani, Mrs. Campo, and Mr. Conrad’s classes on finishing in the Top 3!

All teams have until April 25th to make trades before Playoffs begin! Adds and drops will still be allowed, but no trades between other teams will be accepted after the Playoffs begin.

Playoff results:

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