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State Caucuses begin this week and we’re super excited to let you know we’re designing + developing an Election Challenge to help turn you into a fan of learning during the U.S. Presidential Election.

Think March Madness round-like challenge for the Electoral College!

  • Students fill out their electoral map by selecting each state as either Republican red or Democrat blue in a series of rounds. These Resources will help them fill out their maps.
  • Teachers use it to promote learning in the months leading up to the election as Maps + Leaderboards engage everyone on election night especially!
  • Everyone, especially every student under the age of 18, can “vote,” predict, and compete for civic competence with it while learning more about how the systems of democracy, federalism, and information actually work in the United States of America. And there are great prizes!

This Election Challenge + a U.S. states version of our game called FANpolitics will be available by August.

The Election Challenge is free and open to everyone!
If teachers want to facilitate and see student’s maps, they can add the Election Challenge to a FANgeopolitics or FANpolitics league after subscribing.

Here’s a longer, more specific rundown of the flow:

Game on!

Follow us at @playfanschool for the latest updates.

Email with questions or ideas!

A few resources to get started learning NOW . . .
+ “Ten Things Every American Should Know
+ “Experiencing the Presidential Campaign: A Virtual Reality Film
+ “The President’s Collection” featuring in-depth profiles of U.S. Presidents
+ “How the Presidential Nominating Process Works
+ “Great Free Resources for Teaching Election 2016
+ “Campaign 2016: The Candidates and The World”

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